Email Marketing – an under utilised tool

2 Jun 2009Greg read

An Email Marketing System (a simple online application to manage and distribute emails on designed stationery) can provide the following benefits:

1. Reduced costs and saved time

  • No printing and no postage
  • Traditional direct mail costs from around £1 to several pounds per recipient and can take many weeks to implement. With email, the cost can be reduced to as little as 1p per recipient and delivered within hours.
  • Targeted marketing: Made available by the recipient management tools within an Email Marketing System, your business can ensure only interested clients receive your mailings thereby eliminating “junk mail”.

2. Increased sales

  • Increase your sales conversion rate and generate repeat sales by using email campaigns to remind your current customer base of all the services and products you offer.
  • Cross-sell products and services using links from the email to your existing website.
  • Enhance the convenience for new customers requiring updates on your products or services by means of a subscriber form on your website, where contact information is collected.

3. Instant measurable results

  • Instead of waiting weeks for responses from direct mail, you can view a report of your email marketing campaigns within minutes of delivery. In-depth statistics and reporting allow you to evaluate the results, including vital data such as how many people have opened the email and even finding out which links have been clicked. This concisely presented information will allow you to continuously improve the effectiveness of your future campaigns.

Rubious are confident that our beautifully designed Email Marketing System is class-leading, simple to use and represents outstanding value for money.