A shining gem in 2010

22 Feb 2010Shaun read


Rubious, known as Spring Bud until a recent rebranding exercise, already has a solid base of clients across the United Kingdom, and is now looking to interact more closely with businesses here in Suffolk.

Through their collaboration of efforts and appropriate range of experience, Managing Director Andrew Dewhurst along with Creative Director Greg Goodson and Shaun Robinson, the Technical Director, Rubious has grown from a concept to a flourishing brand, and has even extended its portfolio of services into marketing, media and promotions.

Having been made redundant from their previous jobs, Greg and Shaun seized the opportunity to fulfil a long held ambition to start their own company. “I always wanted to start my own agency,” Greg said. “When I heard I was being made redundant the prospects for finding employment weren’t very good, so we took the leap,” he smiles.

“We are passionate about what we do and believe in our services. It has been a tough time to start but we have a growing portfolio of happy clients and have created products and solutions that we are very proud of.”

But Greg and Shaun aren’t simply interested in creating websites; they are on a mission to educate their clients on how to get the very best from their investment in marketing, and particularly in the World Wide Web.

“It’s about persuading people that it’s not enough just to have a website; in order to enhance their reputation and get the right response from it, they need a really good website, so we are trying to open their minds to the possibilities.”

“A website,” explained technical expert Shaun, “should not only look good but be robust and properly built. Many websites we see are not only poorly designed, but have been poorly built too. They do not comply with web standards, have security flaws, will not appear favourably in search engine results, and sometimes do not even display properly on the various browsers and hardware now available.”

Rubious ensures it keeps pace with the leading edge of technology, and builds fresh, up-to-date websites that work beautifully. Features tailored to the needs of their clients, such as an appropriate content management system to enable businesses to undertake their own site administration (keeping costs down), email marketing systems, and ecommerce modules are all available.

“With technologies changing, the internet presents huge possibilities for all sorts of businesses. Among our clients we have art galleries, hauliers, solicitors, a training company and even an on-line handbag shop; each has a different audience and different expectations from their website. To get it right, we work closely with our clients to learn about their business, understand their needs and bring our own expertise to the table.”

According to Andrew, “We are not interested in £50 websites and neither are our clients. We offer the highest quality services at honest prices – this philosophy has lead to satisfied clients and a business that is growing fast, despite the tough economic hurdles that companies are facing.”

The directors’ belief in their manifesto is reflected in the recent name change to Rubious. “The name references a ruby, something flawless and precious and represents quality and richness, which is what we aspire to.”

“It is a pleasure to be seeing success in business.” concludes Andrew. “It gives me immense satisfaction to see Greg and Shaun not only in employment, but developing a great brand in the region. We would not be here today without the help of individuals such as Philip Dodd of Healeys Print Group who granted us office space to launch the business, as well as the support of many others, too numerous to mention.”

“It’s been a great first year and we look forward to working with our clients and friends in business to ensure we remain on the path to becoming the leading agency in the East of England”.