Internet Technology: Surf the wave or be left high and dry!

29 Jun 2010Andrew read

Whether in a cafe, on the train or during a late weekend lay-in, your customers need to access your website at a time most convenient to them. But did you know that most websites have not been created with such liberties in mind? In fact, some of the fundamental building blocks used by many web developers are simply not compatible with mobile devices at all. If your website falls into this category, the chances are that your business is suffering.

We’ve found many top-drawer companies with sites that have designs that fall apart, functionality that, well, does not function and at worst, sites that won’t even display.

Moving forward

Software developers have begun a massive shift away from reliance on traditional platforms such as Flash and compatibility solely with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, towards a more standards-compliant approach that works with all web browsers. They’re using platforms such as HTML5 to achieve enhanced results on all devices, in a slick and integrated way that makes a lasting positive impression.

Does all this sound like a foreign language? We’re not surprised, and unfortunately, unless your web developer is forward- thinking, these modern solutions to compatibility issues will be little more than tech jargon to them too.

At Rubious, we are experts in modern website building techniques. We couple these skills with inspiring design capabilities commissioned specially for your own bespoke requirements. We test every site we build not only on all mainstream web browsers that have appeared within the last decade, but on every device that we can get our hands on too. These include the iPad, smart-phones and mini netbooks, not to mention both Macs and PCs.

This ensures that your clients can always access your site, even if they are a little behind the times with their software updates, or simply enjoy browsing on the move. An uncluttered, unhindered and beautiful experience is the very minimum we strive to achieve for every one of your clients.

We invite you to revisit your own website and put it to the test.

Pop into our offices and use some of the devices we test our sites on, or pay a visit to your local electronics store and do the same. If you’re a little disappointed by what you discover, Rubious is here to help, and we make a great cup of coffee too!

[This article was originally published in Suffolk Business Magazine]