Make 2011 the year you improve your website

19 Jan 2011Andrew read

If things aren’t shaping up, you’ll need to act fast, to plan and implement change before you’re digging out the decorations again, and another year is over.

At Rubious, we do things differently. Not only are we keeping our own site fresh with a new design in the loom, but we’ve been working with clients all around the country, helping them make the changes their businesses need to stay sharp. With beautiful design, built in a functional and streamlined way, our websites are a joy to use. Coupling this with our marketing expertise, it’s no wonder that we’re being recommended by both customers and those in our industry too.

You simply can’t underestimate the power of the web – it’s the first place most people will look to find you, and if you’re not there, or if your site doesn’t grab their interest right away, you will have missed out on another sale.

Recognising a problem with your site is the first step to finding a solution, and the one where most businesses fail. We set out below a few pointers to help you in your review:

  • Search for your business on Google – can you be found?
  • Having found your site, what impression does it really give? How does your site integrate with your brand? Design is personal, and that’s exactly why it should be left to an expert trained in creating an impression specifically for your target market, not necessarily according to your own personal taste!
  • Try using your site. Usability is key! Is navigation logical, and can you find the information you need without fuss?
  • Got a smart phone, a tablet computer or netbook? Try using your website on one of these devices and see how you get on. Remember flash based content may not work!
  • Is your website content up to date? Is your latest news ancient history? If it is, it gives a dreadful impression!

Our final tip we’d like to share, is to give us a call. We’re here to help, and we’d be very pleased to give you a fabulous quote for a top-class solution.