Website Design: What Makes a Good Web Site?

1 Mar 2011Shaun read

The answer to this is yes. The brief of a website designer is to create a web site that appeals to a company’s target market. This may be a varied audience in the case of a florist’s web site, where men and women of all ages will visit it to buy flowers and gifts, or it may be a select demographic – such as primarily men for an online shop selling model railway paraphernalia. A good design will appeal to to its visitors through the choice of colours, fonts, imagery and layout to attract their attention and encourage them to stay. It will keep them on the site, ensure they view a decent number of pages per visit and stimulate sales and enquiries.

The design of the website is not just the images, colours and fonts either. What’s most important is the functionality and user experience. A beautiful website that takes several minutes to load would still be a failure, so too would a fast loading website that looks amateur and is confusing to navigate.

Choosing a web designer is an extremely important business decision, and it determines whether or not your company has a website that attracts new customers and strengthens your brand, rather than a site that is an embarrassment and does not fulfill its potential, thus wasting your investment.

Here are some important factors to consider when choosing a website designer:

  • Do they use the appropriate technology to deliver information to your customers?
    Sure, you could open your website with a 5 minute introduction, accompanied by music and sound effects, to ‘wow’ your customers. But is this the best way to build your website, when people just want to see the opening times of your shop, or want to download a price list?
  • Does the web designer’s choice of technology make it easy for your customer?
    Some simple things to consider; do your visitors need to download plugins just to visit your site? (and does this block people using certain computers from seeing it at all?) Is the map of your premises a static image or can visitors click it to get directions and see nearby landmarks? Are important details like phone numbers in a format that can be copied and pasted into an address book or are they stuck inside images?
  • Are you looking for a web designer to create your website and then leave it to gather dust, or do you want them to work with you to promote it, update it, and keep it fresh? Do you think people will keep coming back to your site, and so do you need the tools to edit it yourself?
  • Does the web designer offer you a cookie-cutter site, using a template they have used many times before, and just changing logos and colours? Wouldn’t you rather have a bespoke website, that fits with your branding and really stands out?

You may find that setting up a new website is a lot more work than you originally thought, and cannot be rushed or given to the lowest bidder.

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