Email Marketing Case Study: Parker Harris

23 Jun 2011Shaun read

Parker Harris (, a leading visual arts consultancy based in Surrey, use email marketing to communicate with their clients and supporters, updating them on projects and to alert them to specific events. The partnership was founded in 1990 by Emma Parker and Penny Harris who specialise in the expert creation and delivery of visual arts projects spanning all disciplines.

Every month subscribers are sent an e-newsletter outlining details of key events such as talks and exhibitions over and above the changing content of their website. Currently, their subscriber list numbers over 6000 people. In addition, Parker Harris use email marketing to notify artists, who have entered competitions organised by the partnership, whether or not their work has been accepted.

Marketing Strategy

Email marketing is now a key part of Parker Harris’ marketing tool kit, as they have found it such an easy and cost-effective way to communicate with existing and prospective clients. They particularly like the way in which they can segment their subscriber list, sending different messages to different groups. They have also benefited from the ability to track which featured subjects interest their readers the most, through monitoring click through rates. This has enabled them to tailor their marketing effort accordingly. As email marketing facilitates the ability to find out where subscribers are geographically, Parker Harris employ regular analysis of the campaign reports generated by their email marketing system, to direct attention to specific areas throughout their international operation with bespoke marketing projects.

In Summary

From our clients’ experience, email marketing is far from an outdated communication tool. In fact it has resulted in real business benefits, for minimal initial and ongoing costs. Email marketing has enabled our clients to deliver their messages directly to individuals who actually want to hear from them. Whilst email marketing is just one of a selection of ways to connect with and maintain a relationship with your customers, when effectively executed, the results can be unbeatable!

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