Updates to our CMS make it even easier to use

14 Jul 2012Shaun read

The latest updates to our CMS has made it even easier for customers to control the content.

Instead of having one big box in which you enter the page’s contents, or lots of fixed content areas you need to alter, our new CMS update gives you complete flexibility. You can add text boxes, images, a gallery, a form, an FAQ, and more, in any order.

Reorder the elements simply, with drag and drop, and then preview your changes to make sure the page is just how you want it.

This flexibility also comes into play when you have control over the menu system. We give you the ability to add pages, change the menus on your site, and create whole new sections, all without needing to contact your web designer or pay any charges.

In addition to all of this, we are now able to create custom Options pages which give you even more control, for example you can update your social media settings, add a new Pinterest button on the site, change the background image and colour, and more.

If you ever need any help, our online manuals are just a click away, and of course we are available to contact via telephone or email.

All our new website design projects come with this functionality and a lot more. We’ll be posting more about our CMS features, including its advanced eCommerce facilities, in future updates. Be sure to stay ahead of the news by following us on Twitter.