The ONE Competition – We have a winner!

21 Nov 2012Greg read

Rubious and all our fellow judges are very pleased to announce the winner; Silent Partner.

Silent Partner, launched by Ray Higgs, designed and built the A-OK care monitor. It is designed for use with vulnerable individuals. The monitor detects movement, non movement and room temperature and compares findings with normal behavior patterns. In the event of any variance, the system automatically sends an SMS text alert to carers.

We all felt Silent Partner was a worthy winner, not only for the innovation shown but also the passion and commitment Ray projected during his presentation. We are all very much looking forward to helping Ray with Silent Partner over the coming year.

For further details of the A-OK monitor visit:

Rubious will keep you updated with regular progress on how Silent Partner is developing.

Local press coverage:

The ONE Competition – We have a winner!

Finally a big thank you to all the finalists, the presentations were of a truly high standard and Rubious wish you all future success.