Rubious announces free SSL on all new website projects

26 Feb 2015Shaun read

At Rubious we have always understood the need for SSL encryption on websites that handle personal user information, from simple sites collecting quotes up to full eCommerce sites that take delivery and payment details.

This is because even though we never store credit card details on the site, not having an SSL certificate opens you up to “man in the middle” attacks. When you’re browsing at your local coffee shop using their free WiFi, you can be monitored and even have your logins stolen when browsing sites that aren’t secured.

Ever since Google announced that SSL would become a ranking factor in their search results we have been encouraging all our new website projects to have SSL enabled throughout their whole site. This is a plus for privacy and security, and your SEO benefits as well.

Today we are pleased to announce that we are now offering SSL free as part of our standard hosting package. All new website projects we host are eligible to have SSL added to their site free of charge.

This significantly increases the value proposition of our hosting services, which already come with great features such as high performance UK based hosting, daily backups, and free technical support.

For eCommerce sites we also offer realtime backups which actually back up the site every time an order is placed, along with automated security scans to ensure your site is protected.

If you’d like more information, please contact the team at Rubious.