The world is supported on the back of eight elephants…

31 Jan 2017Greg read

The world is supported on the back of eight elephants according to Hindu mythology, and helps us to illustrate the importance of the number eight – we’re celebrating the number eight as we are, indeed eight (happy birthday to us!).

A magic 8-ball ‘predicts’ the future – we’ve done pretty well at that since Rubious began.

The number eight is symmetrical and balanced – without a doubt, we’re that – any way you look at it!

In Chinese culture the number eight signifies intuition and insight and the achievement of plans step-by-step – woah, it’s as if we wrote it ourselves?!

Pieces of eight were the original Spanish dollars; by the late 18th century, they were world currency. The American dollar was based upon the piece of eight. We know we’re original; goes without saying.

There are eight notes in an octave, known as a perfect interval or the “basic miracle of music” – we like to think that we’re pretty fundamental in creating pretty special websites and online marketing campaigns for our clients.

The figure-of-eight knot is very important in both sailing and rock climbing as a method of stopping ropes from running out of retaining devices. Fundamental to any business is a steadfast online presence – and the Rubious team are reliable, dependable and never run out of great ideas!

Let’s take a look at the eight ways in which we’ve grown over the last eight years:

  • Growth in staff: from our original two-man design/development team, we’re now a team of six – another great number; large enough to tackle any project, small enough that we’re all involved
  • Growth in office space: our move to our new studio in Brightwell meant that we could expand and offer our clients a great place to visit – the kettle’s always on!
  • Growth in clients: both in numbers and in diversity – take a look at our portfolio to see who we’ve been working with; many of our clients have been with us from the outset
  • Growth in skills: the increase in our development knowledge has allowed us to make more complex, interactive websites, allowing our clients to connect, in more depth, with their customers and users and to gather more information. Sites are quicker and more user friendly. Our skills in technical security are ever evolving, allowing us to keep pace and make sure all of our websites are secure. Improving our design skills, through experience and research and keeping up with design trends over the 8 years has certainly impacted our users’ experience.
  • Growth in services: over the years we’ve formed associations with lots of people/teams to be able to offer copywriting, SEO, marketing, PR and a whole host of other services to complement our own
  • Growth in technology: in our world, things move on at an alarming rate; we’re proud that we keep up with all that happens in web and online marketing, allowing you to trust our advice on your project
  • Growth in aspirations: eight years ago we dreamed of where we are now; our aspirations for the future are grand, but achievable – join us for the ride!
  • Growth in confidence: going it alone, starting a new business and winning new clients has given us all the confidence we need, without getting ahead of ourselves; we’re confident that we’ll meet even more new clients and meet all of their challenges during the next eight years… we are soooo like that magic 8-ball, it’s unreal!

 So, a celebration of the number eight and a celebration of our achievements over the last eight years has been fun – here’s to the next eight years, and to remaining balanced and insightful, to remaining original and reliable, safe in the knowledge that we’re capable of all that we want to be (even standing on our heads!)