Experience adds clarity to a diamond

8 Feb 2017Greg read

As you’ll know from our previous blog, we’ve recently celebrated our 8th anniversary; we’re proud to have grown in many ways since we created Rubious. Our industry has also grown; and technology has moved forward enormously. One of the ways that we’ve marked our anniversary is to take a look at our brand and to add clarity where we felt it was needed.

Our brand encompasses a huge range of elements: our logo, our company values, our voice, our personality, our services and our website to name but a few. We’re entering our ninth year by reflecting on all of these things; we’re resolving to create better marketing strategies and to ensure that we’re more active and interactive on social media; we’re also taking a look at our logo and giving it a little refresh.

When we began, 8 years ago, social media was in its infancy, websites were different animals to those of today, and print was prolific. Additional technologies and changes in media mean additional necessities weighing heavily on a logo; we therefore wanted to develop our logo to reflect this and so…. ta daaaaah… here it is!

We’ve retained the master font but removed the gradient shading and drop shadow to present a flat colour – adding a clarity and freshness to the typography. We reviewed our strapline to ensure that it still represented what Rubious do best; and retained it. Finally, our ruby icon – this has received the most dramatic update: going through the design research process looking at ruby shapes; exploring facet combinations and colouring, our aim was to find a shape that worked both in full colour, but also as a reserve and single colour version.

We’re proud of our logo refresh – the icon now has a single facet cut out, which lends itself better to all possible usages; our typography and strapline are clean and true to our brand. We have a design with flawless clarity.