Is your website using Flash? You’ll need to update it!

26 Jul 2017Shaun read

We fondly remember the days of Flash websites and animations, and created quite a few ourselves! It was certainly a fun piece of software, and was instrumental in allowing people to add interactive, fun elements to their website.

Ever since the iPhone and then iPad were introduced, we knew Flash’s days were numbered. Apple refused to support it, as it was closed-source, buggy, and a battery drain. Many people chided Apple for the decision, but we knew it was right – and we haven’t made any websites using Flash ever since that day.

A good thing, too, because now even Adobe have realised that the plugin is no longer necessary – you can play video clips, games, and animations online without ever installing it. Adobe is going to kill off the software by 2020.

What does this mean if your website uses Flash in any way? It means that come 2020, the Flash parts of your site will stop working. Even now, many millions of visitors cannot see that content!

If you need help replacing the Flash content of your site, get in touch – we have been using alternatives for almost a decade!