Why do we use WordPress?

19 Mar 2019Shaun read

Since it was launched in 2003, WordPress has come a long way. Having evolved from a simple blogging platform to one of the most popular content management systems (CMS), the platform now accounts for around 30 per cent of all websites. 

But what is it that makes WordPress so popular and why do people prefer it over other content management systems? Here are six reasons why we at Rubious use WordPress when creating websites for our clients.


1. Free and open-source

WordPress is free to use, meaning that anybody can download, install, use and modify the software to create anything they wish.

It’s also an open source, community-based platform, developed by volunteers. Volunteers contribute to writing patches, answer support questions, create plugins and update documents for other developers.

Another big advantage of WordPress is that it’s non-proprietary. This means that should you ever decide to change your web agency, you could easily transfer your website to another host.


2. Easy to use and learn

The CMS itself is simple to use and easy for novices to pick up. This helps us train our clients on how to use the software to update the content on their website.

We give all our clients the option of a user manual for their new website, so they can refer to it when necessary.


3. Highly supported

As mentioned above, the WordPress community creates plugins and themes that can be used on any site that’s built using the CMS. The WordPress community are there and always happy to help if you run into an issue.


4. Search engine friendly

WordPress’ code is audited by qualified developers before it goes live. This contains semantic markup, making it easy for search engines to crawl your website and giving you a base from which to build your SEO strategy.


5. Easy to manage

WordPress comes with a built-in updater installed, allowing you to update your plugins and themes in one click. It also pushes notifications to the dashboard about out-of-date plugins and themes to remind you to update them.

Another appealing factor about WordPress is that there are companies that specialise and solely deal with hosting WordPress websites. This allows them to do all the work on keeping your website secure.

We use Flywheel for all our WordPress-hosted websites. Keep your eyes peeled for a blog about this later in the year.


6. Safe and secure

We are confident that WordPress is the best platform to ensure a safe and secure website. We recommend only using plugins and themes that have come through trusted sources and to always keep your plugins, themes and the WordPress core files up to date.


Who uses WordPress?

We already know that a large portion of websites on the web use WordPress, but are you aware of any large organisations that do?

Here’s a few;

  • Sony Music,
  • Disney,
  • BBC America
  • The New Yorker,
  • MTV News,
  • The Official Website of Sweden,
  • Usain Bolt,
  • Home Depot,
  • The Whitehouse
  • UPS
  • Your next project?


What can you use WordPress for?

WordPress is versatile, it can be used for any kind of website that you need. To extend WordPress further and to allow your site to generate money by selling services or goods, we use WooCommerce, we will be writing a blog post soon to tell you all about this software and how we use it.

WordPress can be used for;

  • eCommerce
  • Membership Sites
  • Blog
  • Gallery
  • Portfolio
  • Ratings Website
  • Video Sharing Platform
  • Basically anything!


WordPress never stands still

Like all technology, WordPress evolves and it evolves fast! Because the software is open source and has a huge community, it means that new features, plugins and bug fixes are being deployed constantly.


An update on Gutenberg

With the rise of do-it-yourself website builders, WordPress recently overhauled its editing page to become more user-friendly.

The new Gutenberg editor – named after printing press inventor Johannes Gutenberg – replaces the traditional text box with a fully visual block editor. This gives users more control than ever over the layout of their pages and requires no knowledge of HTML.

Despite being in its infancy, Gutenberg is regarded as a huge leap forward for WordPress, allowing it to compete with subscription-based website builders.

Rubious have already been early adopters of the new system, and used this in recent projects with good excellent results.

A recent site that lunched using Gutenberg was an eCommerce site; Baldwin’s. Gutenberg allows Baldwin’s internal marketing team complete freedom to create and style new pages which is instrumental to their online marketing strategy and SEO plans. Rubious will be posting a case study about the site in the near future.

Visit Baldwin’s

The next level

Rubious has spent many years customising the WordPress CMS to individual client’s needs, making it easier for them to edit specific areas of their website. We’re excited to see how Gutenberg will take our work to the next level, improve usability and make it even simpler for clients to manage their websites.

For more information about WordPress, Gutenberg, or to discuss any other aspect of your project, please email hello@rubious.co.uk or call 01473 356403.