Worry-free hosting with your new website

8 May 2019Shaun read

Here at Rubious, we offer an unrivalled web hosting and maintenance services for all the sites we lovingly create.

Our hosting partner Flywheel boasts a powerful WordPress platform that eliminates the hassle of hosting, streamlines the processes and allows us to do what we do best – building and maintaining beautiful websites.

Our dedicated, friendly team have access to some of the biggest resources in the world of web hosting. Here are 10 reasons why you should choose Rubious as your new provider:

1) Hacker-free security

We are serious about web security; every website we host is optimised to safeguard your website from hackers. Our security measures include strong password enforcement, limited login attempts, and hacker-proof server settings.

We also protect against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks and automated attempts to hack into your website using Cloudfare’s web application firewall (WAF).

Furthermore, we scan your site daily for suspicious activity. In the unlikely event that your website gets hacked, we will fix it free of charge.


2) Maximum performance

Our websites are cached at server level, meaning that pages load at lightning speed.

We recently helped one of our customers move their website to our hosting platform. Simply migrating the customer’s website from their previous web host saw a 300% increase in speed.


3) Frequent backups

It’s crucial to retain backups in case an important page is accidentally modified or deleted.

Our backups are stored offsite and performed at server level. This means that, even in the event of catastrophic data loss, backups can be retrieved at any time.

At Rubious we back up standard websites every night. For websites with mission-critical data we can even back them up in real-time, so nothing is ever at risk.


4) London based

With website visitors making split-second decisions, every millisecond counts. Because our websites are hosted in London, we can ensure the fastest possible load time for UK visitors.

Alternatively, if your audience is abroad, we can host your website in Canada, Germany, Singapore, or the United States.


5) Worldwide coverage

Whichever hosting location you choose, you get the benefit of your website being fast all over the world. We use Cloudflare (a web performance and security company) to make your website available from more than 100 servers across the globe. So whether you are targeting a global audience or want to ensure your website is available for customers holidaying abroad, we can make that happen.


6) Free SSL

With Google giving higher rankings to SSL-secured web pages, all websites need a security certificate nowadays – it’s non-negotiable. What is negotiable, however, is the price.

We use Let’s Encrypt and Cloudflare to offer industry-leading security certificates for free. Your visitors can then use your website safe in the knowledge that it is trustworthy and secure. 


7) Expert support

We understand the ins and outs of WordPress, so your website will be safe in our hands. Not only that, but our hosting partner Flywheel gives us 24/7 support and access to WordPress experts.


8) Dedicated web hosting

Our web hosting solution is inexpensive, but not for the wrong reasons.

Other providers will make you share the same server space with hundreds of other websites. But when one of those sites gets busy, others sharing the space have to put up with slower speeds.

Our servers are not shared, so you can rest assured that you will get the greatest performance.


9) Software updates

Even after launching your new website, our work is not done. We maintain your website and install software updates on a regular basis.

Updating software can sometimes cause conflicts. However, we will work on a staging copy of your website to fix any bugs before updating the live site.

We also work on new features to your website on a staging site, so you can approve the update before the general public gets to see it.


10) Reliable

Our partner Flywheel is an industry leader in hosting reliability. Indeed, many users who have tested its performance have given it a lifetime uptime score between 99.99 and 100 per cent. Even under intense pressure Flywheel’s performance remains unscathed.


These are just a few of the many benefits of choosing Rubious as your new web developer. For more information about our web design and development, hosting and maintenance services, email hello@rubious.co.uk or call 01473 356403.